INTO THE 80s: A Throwback Concert

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Solaire Resort & Casino believes that music trends may come and go but one thing remains unchanged—the tug of a catchy beat. The success of the 90s concert confirmed that premise and so, on May 18, Solaire brings back the music of another era  – this time they take us INTO THE 80s.

Pop and alternative music with expressive and moody tunes might dominate the Billboard nowadays, but 80s music—fun, bold, and unapologetic— transcends generations. Its powerful beat can still make hearts pump, and, up to now, it never fails to pop up on playlists, and when “Eye of the Tiger” starts playing, everyone – regardless of age – automatically lets loose, and breaks out in dance!

It is this music that INTO THE 80s will showcase with Philippine 80s music icons Gino Padilla, Jett Pangan, Raymond Lauchengco, Lou Bonnevie, and Jam Morales singing unforgettable tunes of the 80s, ranging from international chart toppers to their very own hit songs!

Though known for its wild and daring style, 80s is not only limited to heart-pumping anthems. The birth of synthesizers opened up different possibilities, from electronic to new wave, from power ballads to heavy metal. It was a time of discovery, where everyone took risks, and experimented with their freedom through music. There was something for everyone.

And the music of the 80s is still very much alive today.

Despite being born way after that decade, the Millennials and Gen Zs still feel a sort of nostalgia for the music of the 80s. Many grew up listening to those hits played on their parent’s cassettes during lazy afternoons.

Then, of course, throwbacks are a thing now, and current musicians make covers and remakes of the songs of the 80s. Some have even styled their music based on that of the 80s.

“Many of the styles just revolve, they just come around. It’s become a cycle—what’s hip before comes back as a trend now,” Gino says.

But it is the constant growth of artists like Gino, Jam, Jett, Lou and Raymond that makes their songs still resonate with their audiences today.

When asked how their musicality has evolved over the years, Jett responds “Music is more of a passion for us than it is about “what’s in” or “what’s not.” We get influenced by artists both young and old, and that reflects in our music”.

Raymond agrees, “Somehow, we can meet halfway, and can still connect on a level that is human – our heartbeat’s music.”

Lou caps off by saying, “We just live in a single world. Dance if it makes you want to dance, and be sentimental if it makes you feel sentimental”.

So –  Be sentimental! Dance! Relive the undeniably fun era with Gino, Jett, Raymond, Lou, and Jam,  complemented by the Filipinas Dancers, the Session Band plus some surprise guests, as they take you back INTO THE 80s!

Directed by Toto Gentica, Script by Henry Tejero, and choreographed by Butch Esperanza.

Catch INTO THE 80s  and groove to this era on May 18, 2019, 8PM at the Theatre at Solaire. Directed by Toto Gentica, Script by Henry Tejero, and choreographed by Butch Esperanza. 

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