Integrality’s International Virtual Positivity Congress: The Power of Resilience, Mindfulness, and Vulnerability

We know that the world’s situation is tough, especially this season, as people face physical and psychological barriers. Advocating to beat brokenness and lead people to wholeness, the Institute for Integrality, Inc. aims to inspire people from all over the world, suffering from the pandemic’s effects by organizing a FREE International Virtual Positivity Congress to be held this coming October 9, 2020, at 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Philippine Time). 

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The Speakers


Renowned speakers will be sharing their unique experiences, wisdom, and expertise for participants to be able to emerge from difficult life experiences with a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Architect Bosco Gutierrez is an internationally acclaimed Mexican architect, kidnapping survivor, and powerful motivational speaker. Fr. Jerry Orbos is a prominent priest, speaker, and author, lung cancer survivor, and far-reaching inspirational speaker. Dr. Marissa De Guzman is an expert psychiatrist, distinguished university professor, and outstanding public service awardee. Dr. Cristine Atienza is a positivity expert, transformative training coach, and the President and Founder of the Institute for Integrality, Inc. Dr. Severina Villegas is a certified coach and the pioneer of the UA&P’s College of Arts and Sciences and Institute for Marriage and family Development. Their insights, coupled with a variety of fun, dynamic, and interactive workshops, will surely bring a positive experience for everyone.


Be a Positivity Advocate!


This congress will also provide an opportunity for anyone to become a Positivity Advocate.  A sponsorship/donation of any amount from organizations and individuals would be a blessing for others and would help spread the ripples of positivity. Sponsors may benefit from airtime for company video advertisement/s, a reach of up to 20,000++ in email marketing, brand visibility of up to 10,000++ in social media, and many more. 


More than 500 Filipinos, British Filipinos, Filipino-Americans, Americans, Filipino Indians, Indians, Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Liberians, Moroccans, Taiwanese, Greeks, and Nepalis have already registered for the Congress and the number and diversity still continue to rise. So, join the team and embrace growth and healing through the Power of Positivity!