Here’s Why Switzerland Is The Safest Country To Visit This Year

Travel insurance company Insurly has recently published its list of safest countries to visit in 2020. As a company that centers around travel insurance, it deems the various risks that may occur during a trip of the utmost importance.

The list takes into consideration the factors of epidemics, violence, terrorism, natural disasters, and more.

“This overall risk indicator was constructed according to a precise methodology and reliable data. We also detailed each country’s specific risks with epidemics, air quality, the presence of airlines blacklisted, etc. The traveler, therefore, has a clear vision of the main sources of risks ahead,” explained Insurly president David Dumont.

(Switzerland – make your dream come true)

Based on the level of risk, Switzerland then tops the list as the safest country to travel to this 2020. According to Insurly, “if you travel to Switzerland, the risks are insignificant.” This is based on their excellent healthcare systems, very little violence, and very little transport incidents.

The list for the top 10 safest countries to visit is as follows:

1. Switzerland

2. Singapore

3. Norway

4. Luxembourg

5. Cyprus

6. Iceland

7. Denmark

8. Portugal

9. Finland

10. Japan

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