Instead of Apple’s computer stand, what else can you buy with $999?

In the recent Apple WWDC, the company announced a computer stand that debuted along with the new Mac Pro. What’s mind-blowing about this weight-bearing hunk of metal is that it comes with a whopping price tag of $999 (around Php 52,000).

Yes, it has a price tag that is almost the same as the price of certain iPhone models – specifically, the 64-gigabyte iPhone XS. For $300 (around Php 16,000) more, you can already get a MacBook Pro laptop.

Don’t get us wrong, the stand seems to be an amazing piece of engineering. It serves well as a support to Apple’s fancy, new 32-inch, 6K display monitor priced at $4,999 (around Php 259,000) to perform mesmerizing mechanical gymnastics, smoothly spinning 90 degrees.

Yet, at its price, it seems lacking that it does not flip.

So, instead of buying the stand, what else can you get for $999? This image below speaks volumes.

Or downpayment for a Ford EcoSport

Downpayment is around Php 58,000 so just a couple more thousand pesos and you can drive home one.

Or a decent gaming PC

Or 1300 orders of Master Siomai

Php 40 per order.

Or 547 cups of milk tea

Coco Tea Milk Tea

Large Coco milk tea is about Php 95.

Or 3175 real apples

The average price of apple is about Php 131 per kilo. As a general rule, a kilo of apple consists of around 4 small apples.

So, which one are you getting for $999?

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