INSPIRING: Watch This Totally Blind 11-Year-Old Pursue His Passion in Online Gaming

No disability can ever get in the way of pursuing one’s dream. This is what I learned from 11-year-old Daniel Anakin–a young, jovial, and totally blind Pinoy game streamer.

daniel anakin blind gamer tekken

Facebook.com, Anakin VI Gaming

Daniel, who has recently achieved 1,000 followers on his Facebook gaming page “Anakin VI Gaming,” inspires a sense of awe and admiration in each of his videos where he combats his opponents with skill and tenacity, whether he’s playing “Tekken 7” or “JumpForce,” never allowing his losses to break his spirit.

That, coupled with his lighthearted humor, makes you realize exactly how he is able to build such a strong and supportive community online.

Daniel first got into gaming during a family gathering where his cousins introduced to him the video game “Tekken Tag Tournament.” He tried to play it out of curiosity and quickly fell in love with it. It didn’t take long for him to decide to be an online streamer to not only pursue his passion but to also be an advocate for PWDs everywhere.

“I always watch streamers playing their games online [and], since I have a passion for gaming, I want to try to become one of them and also to inspire people especially the PWD community,” he told us.

He cited some of his idols: itsjuanmig, Lucky Fighter, Exnal Gaming, CodeRed Gaming, and ChooxTV, all of whom have helped him improve his moves.

Of course, Daniel owes much of his success to his parents who have helped him every step of the way.

He hopes that, through his videos, he can inspire Filipinos to bravely chase their dreams no matter how tough the road may get, whether they are able-bodied or not. “Always remember that we should not stop believing in ourselves. We should continue and pursue our dreams in order to [inspire] people and to show them what we all got. [No] matter how hard it is, never give up,” he began.

“[To] the persons with the disability community, always remember that being disable [should] not be a hindrance for us to be successful or to do streaming or pursuing dreams[.] We might have a disability or [be] different with others but remember that all of us [were] created by God equally and that is why we should continue believing in [ourselves],” he added.

“[There] is nothing impossible if we would just believe[.] Let’s continue to show the people how lucky we are and [that] no one can stop us in showing what we can do. Being a streamer or continuing our dreams is one way to show them how we can […] live life to the fullest no matter how difficult life could be.”

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