INSPIRING: This Guy Gives Two Strangers A Free Ride After Seeing Them Get Rejected By Several Taxis

It has been chaos in the country’s public transportation for the past weeks. People have been scrambling to look for alternatives to the ride-sharing apps that have been part of the daily commute of many Filipinos.

Of course, this issue was met with lots of opinions, particularly on social media. Almost every post that I’ve seen about our public transportation has been negative, but this story is one of the very few inspiring ones.

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Radio DJ Ganns Deen shared his story of giving two strangers a free ride to their office.

In a Facebook post, he shares that he was stuck in traffic when he saw a couple get rejected by “two passenger-less taxis” consecutively. He felt really bad for them, so he pulled up and offered to give them a ride because, coincidentally, their destination was just on his way.

Check out his post below:

Ganns shares with that he and his wife was really upset about the one-month suspension issued by the LTFRB, he couldn’t help but think about those commuters that will be left with fewer options. And he knew that he had to do something to help.

At the end of the day, I think all this negativity surrounding the LTFRB and Uber needed someone or something to offset it all, to restore people’s faith in humanity. I didn’t expect the response it received, but I think the fact that it did, struck a chord in people.

That when Filipinos come together to help other Filipinos, regardless of their safety or time, it reminds us of what is good and possible in people, and I’m just glad that I was the right person at the right time to serve these two. If they pay it forward, fantastic. To me, that’s what the bayanihan spirit is all about.

Truly inspiring! As of this writing, this hasn’t been the last time that Ganns has given a car ride to strangers.

Bayanihan at its finest, indeed.

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