INSPIRING: Policeman Spotted Extending Help To A Homeless Man in QC

The country’s policemen may have been at the center of a few controversies and political issues recently, but it doesn’t mean that all policemen are the same. A recent viral post on Facebook proves that policemen are still here to serve and protect.

Facebook user PO1 Jeoffry B. Galasgas (Facebook name Jheiophreiy Begseng Galasgas) shared photos and a video of PCI Eduardo S. Bea as he extended help to a homeless man they saw in Brgy. Libis in Quezon City.

Take a look:

In the photos and video, PCI Bea is seen giving the homeless man some clothes, food, and getting him cleaned up.

PO1 Galasgas shares with that he was with PCI Bea as they were going through checkpoints in the area. When they spotted the man in need, the policemen had pity on him and helped in ways they could.

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Netizens applauded the policemen for going out of their way to help the man. PO1 Galsagas said that he took photos of the simple act so that people can change their current thoughts about policemen.

It sure did the trick! We totally applaud these policemen for their honorable deed.

You can check out the full post here:

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