INSPIRING: Police Officer Catches Robber, Texts Victim ‘Stay Safe Ha’

A netizen shared a story of her recent experience while commuting on EDSA. She recounted her experience saying that when she alighted on EDSA, she heard a guy shouting at her and when she looked back, she saw a man holding another man while pointing a gun on him.

Her initial thoughts was that the man with a gun is taking the other man as hostage. Apparently, she learned that the man with a gun is a police and the man he is holding is a robber who took her wallet and mobile phone.

She ended up in the police station to file a complaint. She said she was on the brink of crying due to her overflowing gratitude for the police, PO2 Raymund Reyes.

In a surprising turn of events, PO2 Reyes sent her a text message saying, “Stay safe ha. Me ‘yung police officer kanina. PO2 Reyes.” (Rough translation: Stay safe, ok. I’m the police officer a while ago. PO2 Reyes.)

Here’s her full story as posted on Facebook.

Police Texts Stay Safe - blur

“Stay safe ha…”

Despite the unfortunate event, isn’t that sweet?

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