INSPIRING: Pinoy Barber Cuts Hair of NBA Stars Like Stephen Curry and DeAndre Jordan

For all we know, basketball is the number one sport we, Pinoys, love.

Be it NBA, PBA, or local college basketball tourneys, we almost always follow the happenings here and there.

Although height has been a limitation that hampers us on having a Pinoy play in the NBA, we have proven that Pinoys can coach in the famed basketball when Erik Spoelstra became Miami Heat’s coach.

Now, another Pinoy is creating a buzz in the NBA scene. He may not be playing, but he does an amazing job with the hair of some of the most exciting NBA stars.

HYPEBEAST TV featured on its Fades & Fadeaways segment about a Pinoy barber, JayR, from the Legends on Fairfax.

JayR started cutting hair of his friends in his garage and now he has bigger clients including Clippers center DeAndre Jordan and Clippers coach Doc Rivers. He also cuts the hair of NBA star Stephen Curry. In the video, you can even see him teach Curry a simple Filipino expression of saying “Thank you.”

Watch the video below.

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