INSPIRING: Passenger Witnesses Taxi Driver’s Honesty in Returning Cellphone

INSPIRING Passenger Witnesses Taxi Driver's Honesty in Returning Cellphone

Taxi drivers have suffered a bad reputation. And as the holidays are creeping closer, we can expect more negative stories about fare hikes and rejecting passengers if the destination is too far. Of course it’s not good to generalize all taxi drivers, so we’d like to share this story about a good samaritan.

Netizen Chieng Jin Gwol shared a story on Facebook about how she rode a taxi in Davao City. During the trip, the driver asked if they could stop by a nearby mall. It turned out the driver was there to return a cellphone that was left in the car.

According to Chieng:

On December 14, 2015 at 4:30 in the afternoon, I was about to go home after class when I got into this taxi with the plate number 4726 (AAF 9295) driven by Jojo Fernandez. As I told him our destination, he kindly asked me if we could stopover at SM Lnang for a couple of minutes. I wondered why and asked him. He told me that his passenger left his HTC smartphone in the taxi at around 3pm today. He waited for a call to know exactly where he could go to give back the phone. The married couple finally got their phone back and the driver found out that the owner is an attorney. They gave him a handshake and a tap on the shoulder thanking him for his deed. They even gave him a calling card and a reward as a sign of their gratitude.

Chieng noted that Fernandez is a regular taxi driver and is not affiliated with any mobile booking app.

He is just a regular taxi driver and not a registered Grabtaxi driver. He doesn’t have a sticker inside or outside the taxi, or a smartphone for booking rides, which means he can totally get away with it if he wants to. But still he chose to do the right thing. He was smiling, and he even showed me his low-end phone saying he’s already fine with it. You are such an inspiration. It feels so wonderful to witness an act of pure honesty, especially from an ordinary person.

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