INSPIRING: OEO CEO Shares How the Beauty Brand Bounced Back After the Pandemic

It’s been said that nothing beautiful is ever really lost. Exemplifying this statement as it emerges strong and bright from the darkness of the past few years, Filipino beauty brand One Earth Organics blooms anew with a revitalized movement for empowerment.

In a recent intimate media event at Raffles Makati, titled “Organics Never Fade,” One Earth Organics CEO/Founder Tyff Short discussed the company’s ascent in the past decade and struggles during the height of the pandemic. She also shared her vision for the company as it relaunches to the market.

OEO 3 scaled

L-R: One Earth Organics executives Trixie Oronce, SVP for Operations; Dr. Ellani Huilar, Medical Director; Tyff Short, CEO and Founder; and Marko Tison, Board of Director

“We have always sent out that message and story that One Earth Organics was never about just a source of beauty or selling beauty products and skincare essentials. It has always been a source of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment,” Ms. Tyff says.

Dealing with the highs and lows

One Earth Organics was founded in 2013 by Ms. Tyff, who wanted to develop more organic beauty solutions after growing tired of the ill effects of chemical-based skin products. A single mother, Ms. Tyff launched the brand using her P37,500 savings to provide a brighter future for her son as well.

Through innovative offerings that resonated with the market, One Earth Organics revolutionized the local beauty landscape. The hero products of the multi-awarded brand include the game-changing Under Arm Therapy Set that lightens, protects, and moisturizes underarms. There’s also the Antibacterial Whitening Deo Spray, which contains natural and organic ingredients to control underarm sweat and odor. Meanwhile, the One Earth Organics Beauty Blends 5D set features five specialized organic serums that each present a particular, stunning effect on the skin.

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One Earth Organics Acne Solution Night Vitamin Complex Gel and the One Earth Organics Sunkissed Angel Lip & Cheek Tint

“The goal of One Earth Organics has always been to make a difference in life, whether in letting our consumers feel beautiful or in empowering our partners and distributors to have their own business,” Ms. Tyff said.

Everything was coming up roses for the brand until the pandemic hit. 

As the world dealt with uncertainties, the brand’s revenue shrank, and most of the budget that went to R&D was reallocated to sustain the business. But the problems grew bigger and piled up one over the other, from issues in the supply chain, logistics, and manpower, among others. Over the past two years, as One Earth Organics stopped operations, products expired which resulted in millions in losses.

“While 2020 was challenging, 2021 was a different animal,” Ms. Tyff says. “I was left with three employees, zero leadership team. It felt like I was back in 2013 when I was starting out. The word ‘difficult’ is even an understatement. It was rock bottom.”

Shining brighter than ever

OEO 6 scaled

One Earth Organics DCR Face & Body Polish + Mask, One Earth Organics Ilumina Exfoliant Whitening Body Scrub, and the One Earth Organics Acne Solution Night Vitamin Complex Gel

Being the strong, independent woman that she is, however, having touched and empowered countless lives with her story of survival and success, Ms. Tyff fought to get back on her feet. Her driving force? Her son.

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“When I was at my lowest, I approached him and told him we can leave everything behind and start fresh in another country. Or, we can continue what we’ve been doing, but we need to use our life savings to sustain the company,” Ms. Tyff said. “Then he told me, ‘Mom, I believe in you. I trust you. I believe you’re going to get everything back. The employees and other people are depending on you.’

She said those words meant everything, reigniting in her the fire to forge on. Ms. Tyff proceeded to re-invest all her savings in the company to re-establish the brand. She asked around for help, including from her friends and distributors, and everyone she turned to answer her call. With a new leadership team on board, One Earth Organics got back on track in July.

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One Earth Organics Zit Buster and the One Earth Organics Beauty Blends 5D

“Today, through the support of the community and our partners, I can already say that we’re back to our pre-pandemic status,” Ms. Tyff said. “We already have 23 direct employees, plus additional 50 to 60 store ambassadors. I think we’re going finish off this year reaching 90-plus employees. Of course, there still are struggles along the way, but we are getting there.”

Ms. Tyff added that One Earth Organics has also set its sight on the years to come. One of the brand’s key plans is to continue its pandemic-disrupted goals, particularly strengthening its foundation and relationship with its distributors and retail partners, especially with Watsons.

OEO 4 scaled

Representing Watsons Marketing were Carol Geronimo (leftmost) and Mary Jemmelyn Tan (rightmost); from Watsons Trading Beauty were (second from left) Jessa Ballon, Aimee Pernia; Jing Ganalon, joining Tyff Short, One Earth Organics CEO and Founder

One Earth Organics will also continue to produce innovative products and launch more collections–not just for women, but for the entire family. “Reiterating One Earth Organics’ philosophy, we offer a simpler and finer approach to beauty—one that’s not only skin-deep, but one that goes self-deep,” Ms. Tyff said.

One Earth Organics is available on Watsons, The SM Beauty Department Store, and Beauty Bar, as well as online on LazMall and Shopee Mall.

For more information about One Earth Organics, go to www.oeorganics.com. Follow the brand on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/oeobeautysolutions and https://www.facebook.com/oneeearthorganicsforbusiness/ and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/oneearthorganicsbeauty/.