INSPIRING: Ilocos Sur’s Best Sled-Maker Celebrates 100th Birthday

Sled-maker 100th birthday (1)

The best sled-maker in Ilocos Sur just turned a century old.

Ismael Favo, or Lolo Mael to many, just celebrated his 100th birthday last June 11.

He is known to be the oldest person in San Esteban and also called the best sled-maker this side of the country.

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Even up to this day, he is still active in sled-making.

Some think this is the reason why he still seems to be strong and sharp. Despite his age, he can still remember and tell stories of the time when he served as a soldier of the Philippines, fighting for it during the war. Although he wasn’t able to claim benefits for doing so because he has no documents about it, he is still proud to have served the country.

Sleds are widely popular in this area because farmers use them for hauling, which is why sled-making is highly regarded here as well.

Happy Birthday Lolo!

Source: ABS-CBN

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