INSPIRING: Honest immigration officer returns lost $1,900

It’s always refreshing to hear inspiring stories like this one.

Recently, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) praised one of its immigration officers for returning lost money amounting to $1,900 (approximately P96,500). A still unknown passenger left the money on the counter.

Reimond Abegail Lagman found the money and returned it. Aside from praises, he received a plaque of commendation.

“I commend Mr. Lagman for again showing our countrymen that there are honest employees in our bureau who cannot be corrupted by the color of money even if they are gripped with financial difficulties,” Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said in a statement via

Immigration officers usually make around P14,000 per month.

At present, the owner of the money is still unidentified but whoever it is, they are advised to coordinate with the MIAA in claiming the cash.

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