INSPIRING: Gas Attendant Returns Wallet, Declines to Accept Thank You Cash Reward

Netizen Samson Tucay shared the following photo to commend the good deed done to him. Apparently, a gas attendant did everything to locate him to return the wallet he dropped, all intact with his cash and cards. He tried to give them money as a thank you but the gas attendant and station manager declined.

Here’s the full story:

This is Pol Larisma, a gas attendant at Shell Kamias Road–an ordinary man with an extraordinary commitment to honesty. He recovered and returned a wallet which I had accidentally dropped in their comfort room, with all cards and cash intact. Upon picking it up, he immediately turned the wallet over to their station manager, who, together with Pol and the rest of the staff of this Shell station, did everything to locate me. I felt so grateful that I decided to leave P7,000 thank-you cash for all of them, but they all politely said no in spite of my insistence. They preferred to savor their honor and pride as a team. They said this was not their first time to recover and return a lost wallet. And they really never accepted thank-you cash or rewards. Pol and the whole Shell Kamias Road team are true Maharlikas or Filipino nobles whom all of us in this country of ours can be proud of.

Attendant returns wallet

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