INSPIRING: Former OFWs in Milan Share Expertise in Breaking the ‘Rich Now, Poor Later’ Cycle

“The only constant thing in life is change,” says my mom, when she was still alive. She would explain to me that when opportunities knock, open the door, let them in, and save it until forever. LOL.

Of course, as a careless youngster then, I didn’t listen. I was literally living in the “rich now, poor later” mentality. I didn’t bother until I had my own family. It took time for me to recover. And by recover I mean, “getting by.” Had I listened to her, I’d probably have businesses now. But, in the words of every successful person in the world, just like this inspiring couple: “it’s never too late.”


Sir Terence and Emilia Lim

Just like any OFW, Terence Rey Lim, and Emelia Cudiamat Lim who were OFWs in Milan, also dreamed of having a sustainable life in the Philippines. After a decade of hard work and smart decisions, they are finally back here – free, rich, and with no need to ever work again. According to the couple, the first few years of their journey in Italy were very busy – she had to clean bathrooms for four different employers every day, with barely enough time for lunch. In fact, Emilia would go home late at night completely exhausted, not even having enough energy for dinner, and heading straight to bed to rest for the next day’s work.

The trials and hardships that the couple went through ignited a desire within them: they would not allow the next generation of their family to go through the same struggles they did. (Sounds familiar, right?)

On weekends, they traveled throughout Milan to explore other opportunities to earn. Until they met someone who showed them the vast potential in investing in Philippine properties. As they did not have enough savings to invest, they decided to become property agents instead. The couple devoted their free time to learning more about the business. Giving their all in the new venture, they realized that aside from earning more than their regular 12 hours/day, 5 days/week job, they would also be able to help other OFWs invest their hard-earned money. What started as a desire for the couple to earn more turned into a personal mission to help their fellow OFWs be more than just workers based abroad.


They soon became property consultants.

Because of their perseverance and determination, they were able to help more than 22,500 OFWs correct their wrong money beliefs, and have turned more than 200 of them into multi-millionaires.

The couple also  launched a worldwide “Never Work Again” Freedom Power Caravan, aiming to continue breaking the aforementioned OFW cycle by turning them into OFW millionaires with the privilege to retire young, rich, and never work again. This, in turn, would allow them to come home to the Philippines and stay here for good – the dream of most overseas Filipino workers. (You may visit register and watch the webinar, and learn how you can truly make the most out of your earnings from overseas).

What I love about this couple is, despite their success, they remained humble and simple. They opted to purchase a second-hand car and rented out a more affordable place, just to maximize their investment fund.

Time is essential, that’s a fact. We cannot undo things, we can only move forward. I hope their story is inspiring enough for you, as it was for me. Start investing and saving money for your family and your children’s children. We can do this!

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