INSPIRING: Cab Driver Also Sells Peanut Butter to Passengers for Extra Income

With how expensive the cost of living is, one job doesn’t seem sufficient. Particularly, if you have children who go to school; a mortgage to pay; loan to settle, and more. That’s why people take other part-time jobs to cope with payables. In fact, even if they are already old and passed retirement age, they still work to help the family.

It may sound heartbreaking, but that’s life. However, Filipinos are determined and hardworking.

Just like what a designer randomly met. He met a man who works as a cab driver and sells his homemade peanut butter to passengers, as well!

Cab driver selling peanut butter receives free food labels

Photo by Troy Sitosta

Troy Sitosta, who owns and works as creative director at Shao Long Bald, was moved by this driver’s honesty and tenacity. He shared on his Facebook that he was lucky to have met Kuya Roderic (Almeda), a driver who also sells homemade peanut butter to passengers to help for his children’s education. Through his hard work, one of his children already finished college.

He got inspired and wrote:

Kuya Roderic and his wife has been making and selling their all natural home made peanut butter to riders so that they can put their 3 children through college and 1 of them is almost done. I found it really inspiring at how creative and brave Kuya Roderick is by offering goods to sell to all of his passengers for extra income for his family. They have been slowly growing their business for the past 3 years already and he does it so that his children can have a better future than he did. I was so touched because he showed me that there are still really decent and honest people in this country who wants to make a better life for themselves in the right way. He had hopes for a brighter future and he gave me hope as well.

I bought 2 jars and offered him to design a quick label for his peanut butter for free so that they can finally have a face for their small business and that will hopefully allow him to grow it even more.

cab driver selling peanut butter

Photo by Troy Sitosta

Furthermore, Troy also mentioned that his job (as a designer) “has the ability to change the world with Design.” Therefore, he offered free food labels to put on Kuya Roderic’s peanut butter products!

In my job, people keep saying that I have the ability to change the world with Design. But to be very honest, most of the time all I am doing is just pushing products and ugliness out into the world. I may not be changing the world right now but I hope I can change Kuya Roderick’s world for the better. I will post it up when me and my team finishes it.

Wow, that was inspiring! It brought back memories when my friend’s father used to sell “kakanin” (Filipino delicacy) after working as a fish vendor in the morning.

Kuya, you are an amazing person! You got us all inspired!

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