Inspiring: Boy Shows Compassion, Saves Kittens

Compassion won a strong advocate today. While on his way home, Jeremiah Olfindo Dayto passed by a boy carrying two kittens. When asked, the boy said that he chanced upon the kittens being played with (probably being roughed up) by other children. He felt sorry for the kittens, so he decided to save them and bring them home.

Boy saves kittens

Here is the story as shared on Cat Care Philippines on Facebook:

Passed by this boy carrying two kittens on my way home. I asked him, “Boy, san mo dadalhin yang mga pusa?”
“Sa bahay po, aalagaan ko. Nilalandi(Batangas term for “pinaglalaruan”) po kasi nung mga bata dun. Kaawaawa naman…

In my mind, i am commending the kids parents for a job well done…

Inspiring, don’t you think? I believe this boy will grow up to become a really good person. How lucky are his parents. Do you know of other people who show compassion to their fellowmen and other living creatures? Please share their stories with us!

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