INSPIRING: Awkwafina Went from Earning $9/Hour to Starring in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Ah, success. So many people strive for it and yet so many people also give up before they get there. If you’re currently in need of some inspiration and motivation to keep going and not give up, turn to Awkwafina. Today, she may be one of the stars in the much talked about movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’; but before that, she, too, struggled the same way that many people are currently struggling today.

In a recent tweet, Awkafina shares her story: “In 2012, I put a video called My Vag on YouTube, knowing that it probably wouldn’t do well – and it would make me the laughing stock of every job interview ever. I wrote a song called NYC Bitches while making $9/hr at a vegan bodega. After it went on YouTube, a man came in asked if I was Awkwafina – it made me so happy.

One day, I got the email of my life. An A&R exec at a major record label wanted to meet with me. I listened to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac on the way to the meeting. He listened to two of my songs and never called again.

5 years later, I’m in an Escalade in a gown, driving down Hollywood Blvd that they shut down for Crazy Rich Asians. And I asked the driver for the aux to play Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. I became teary, thinking about this moment, what it meant.

I remembered those days when I got fired from my job for Awkwafina, when I was broke for Awkwafina, when I got kicked off line-ups because “Awkwafina is a joke.” Awkwafina was a dream I was chasing, and in some ways, I am still chasing her. But we need to take risks. We need to go broke. We need to prove them wrong, simply by not giving up. Awkwafina wasn’t supposed to exist, but  somehow she does. And I think about it everyday, that she was born for one reason only – to show every person out there, that it is possible.”

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