Inspirational Stories: Personal Driver Reads the Dictionary Daily to Learn the English Language

The Philippines is known to be one of the best English speaking countries in Asia. It’s something we should definitely be proud of and something we should continue to practice to make us even better and more at par when dealing with international partners or clients. While most of the Filipinos who are well versed in the English language grew up speaking it, there are many others who had to train and practice to actually learn it. One of whom is Kuya Emil, an English speaking personal driver from Pangasinan.

English-Speaking-Driver-Texts-06 English-Speaking-Driver-Texts-07

While some of you might laugh at this text exchange between Kuya Emil and his boss (yes, we agree it’s a little bit funny), please also remember that this is actually Kuya Emil practicing the new words he learned on his own. Hands down to you Kuya Emil!

His boss, Ms. Rose Jarin and her sister Onie were extremely happy with their driver’s effort to learn a new skill that they thought to share it with in hopes of inspiring even more people to continue to strive and work for something you want. Here’s Kuya Emil’s story:


As told by Ms. Mary Rose:

“My one of a kind driver who never fails to make me smile for more than a decade now!
Emil Pande Bergonia, Jr., also known as “Kuya Emil” was born on August 29, 1961 in Balungao Pangasinan. He is the eldest from the family of four. Kuya Emil is married with two young boys. Attended first year college at (U.P.) University of Pangasinan (B.S. Commerce) but did not finish his course due to poverty. Kuya Emil left Pangasinan in 1978 and moved to Manila to work at a trucking company for a year.  He became a family driver since he left the trucking company.
To keep him updated with the social /current events, Kuya Emil loves to listen to the radio and reads newspaper daily. He reads his dictionary everyday like his Bible. Always with him wherever he goes.  He loves martial arts and can do a vertical kick like Jean-Claude Van Damme, his favorite actor.
That’s our Kuya Emil, with impeccable driving skill, trustworthy, very intelligent, caring, responsible, awesome bodyguard and most of all a graceful dancer! (He taught me how to do splits!!!) Cheers to you!!!
Keep learning, keep exploring and keep doing more! Be a student of life!
Kuya Emil’s motto in life:
  1. Learning is a treasure.
  2. Money is not substituted for wisdom.
  3. The way of living is getting along.
  4. Honesty, industry and kindness are elements in a good life.
  5. Love one another, but if it doesn’t work, love another one!   “

English-Speaking-Driver-03Kuya Emil taught his boss, Mary Rose how to do splits!

Ms. Rose shares a few more of her funny text exchange with Kuya Emil. We’d also like to applaud Ms. Rose for being the awesome boss she is and helping Kuya Emil further learn the language.

English-Speaking-Driver-Text-03 English-Speaking-Driver-Text-01 English-Speaking-Driver-Text-02

We do admit the text exchange was a slightly funny and confusing, but hey, if you need to stumble and fall and make mistakes to get to where you want to be, then Kuya Emil is doing everything perfectly right! Practice makes perfect and I won’t be surprised if Kuya Emil turns out to be a very fluent English speaker some day.

What do you guys think of Kuya Emil’s story? Know anyone like him?


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