Insooni Reminds People: “Stars Have Feelings. We are Not Dolls.”

Korean singer Goo Hara, a former member of the K-Pop group Kara, was found dead in her apartment in Seoul on Sunday. This comes mere months after K-Pop star Sulli took her own life. Although the police are still investigating, Seoul’s police commissioner has shared that a handwritten letter was found in Goo Hara’s home.

Goo Hara Memorial

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/AP

Goo Hara had also attempted suicide earlier this year, after which she apologized to her fans and promised to keep working hard. She has since been pretty open about her mental health on Instagram and has asked cyberbullies to be nicer after she was thrown into the spotlight while having a public legal battle with her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly assaulted her and blackmailed her with intimate videos that they had taken together.

Goo Hara’s last message on social media was a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption simply saying, “Good night.”

After Sulli’s death, the Korea Entertainment Management Association vowed to take stronger action against malicious commenters, so that they could be strictly punished.

62-year-old singer Insooni (real name: Kim In-soon) has spoken up about how painful this loss is, as well. Being someone who has been bullied for being of mix race, Insooni reminds us that “Stars have feelings. We are not dolls.” She adds, “It is too cruel to demand that celebrities should be different. They have the right to love, make mistakes and even break up with someone. They’re still so young.”

Let this please serve as a reminder to always think before we post, and to always be kind because we do not know how much our words might hurt other people.

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