Inside Out Shorts You Might Have Missed (Including Riley’s First Date!)

Pixar’s Inside Out hit Philippine Cinemas just last week, and people just can’t seem to get enough of it. Though we have this notion that cartoons are meant for kids, Pixar has somehow changed that a long time ago with their tear jerkers and deep story lines. Check out our article on the top 8 moments Pixar made grown ups cry.

So anyway, because we loved the film so much, we decided to look for some clips online and discovered a few scenes that were not shown or probably overlooked in the movie. If you enjoyed the movie as much as we did, then you’re going to enjoy these!


1. Riley’s First Date

This short clip actually came to be when the team behind Inside Out started talking about their daughters and one of them says something like, “wait ’till she brings home her first date!” The emotions running through all the dads’ minds were what gave birth to this new short which is said to be available in the blu-ray dvd copy.


2. Anger Out of Control

It’s usually the simplest things in life that frustrate us, don’t you agree? Throughout the film, Joy and Sadness keep going through a tower of cards which to me, was just funny. Turns out, it was one of Riley’s frustrations too! (I don’t remember seeing this scene in the movie though)


3. Disgust – The 5 Second Rule

Oh c’mon, don’t deny it! YOU do this too. (haha) and while your picking up that piece of delicious food, your emotions are probably going crazy thinking is it reaaaalllly worth it?….oh well, 5 second rule! Disgust is disgusted! haha



4. Joy – Music in Me

We’ve all had these moments… imagination is the key!


5. Sadness Crying Over Spilt Milk

There’s no use crying over spilt milk, so get up and cheer up! ….meh. (insert crying sounds here)


6. Fear in Shoes of Doom!

No…no… NOOOOOoooo!! Not the shoes!


How was that? Hope you enjoyed those short clips as much as we did!

Found any more Inside Out clips worth sharing? Do let us know!