Inside the Fast Food Industry: Here Are Things You May Not Know

We all love food. We have our fair share of fast food chains in the Philippines and they are generally go-to places whenever we are hungry, when we have celebrations, or even just when we want to stuff our faces with food. We asked our friends from the fast food industry about some of their “secerts”, and here are some pretty interesting things we found out.

Things aren’t always what they seem to be

This is something that many people have been wondering about. Are fast food mashed potatoes made from real potatoes? Well, they’re not. Most fast food mashed potatoes are made from powder mixed with water and milk, then voila. Mashed…err…potatoes? We cannot lie, though: they taste so damn good!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

We’ve always wondered what they do with all the chicken they make for the day. One fast food chain apparently sells their leftover chicken to employees for 10 pesos each. It would be sad if all of that chicken to go to waste, after all, so they might as well go into the bellies of the people who work hard behind the scenes, right? Next time you see a friend who works at a fast food chain, you can ask them about this and maybe get some for yourself.

Expired but still good

If you tend to buy little munchies from your favorite fast food chain, you’ll be happy to know that you can still enjoy them a few days after they expire. One particular fast-food chain sells their about-to-expire pastry at super duper low prices.

Healthy isn’t that healthy

If you want a healthier lifestyle, but still rely on healthy choices at fast food chains, think again. The salads and other vegetables that fast food chains offer are filled with chemicals to lengthen their shelf life. Their sauces are also packed with sugar and/or salt so if you are trying to cut back on those, make your own salad instead or look for other kinds of food that you can save in your fridge for the week.

Mixed Rice

Fast food fried rice is something we all love, but did you know that some of the ingredients of that tasty fried rice are actually leftovers from their other dishes? When we say “leftover”, we don’t mean out of the trash or anything, but the stores split their raw materials so they don’t waste anything. For example, the skin of the chicken goes to another dish while the fillet goes to another.

Know of any other interesting facts about fast food establishments? Share them with us!