INSCAPES: An Art Exhibit By Gerrico Blanco

As children, we have constantly used our imagination as an escape from reality, but what about going back to that time and living that imagination?

Artist Gerrico Blanco explored this theme through INSCAPES, his second solo exhibition, wherein he presented a collection of 15 works that showcase the innocence and creativity of children bound only by their imagination.

Happy Thoughts by gerrico

According to Blanco, the meaning behind the title Inscape was inspired by a term coined by the Victorian poet and priest Gerard Manley Hopkins, pertaining to the unique imprint of God in each and all of creation.

Gerrico Vangoghs Lulluby by gerrico

Through his paintings, Blanco inspires viewers to be inspired by the hope of children and reconnect with our own inner child. Inscapes allow us to withdraw from the workday world to remember who we truly are.

Superheroes by gerrico

Blanco’s new works were exhibited at Gallery BIG, 2 nd Floor LRI Plaza, 210 N. Garcia St., Makati City from 5-15 March, 2016.