InQuest: Mission Chronicles


The UST College of Commerce and Business Administration’s most anticipated interactive quiz bee is finally back with yet another thrilling adventure. Brace yourselves for a fun experience as your favorite anime characters come to life in the UST Commerce Journal’s InQuest: Mission Chronicles.Witness the worlds of Dragonball Z (Society of Thomasian Entrepreneurs), Sailormoon (Junior Marketing Association), Inuyasha (Junior Financial and Investment Executives), Samurai-X (Thomasian Junior Association for People Management), and Cardcaptor Sakura (Economics Society) crossover to Naruto’s hometown, Konoha, in a quest to search for their own magical items stolen by the criminal Ninja group named Akatsuki. Who among these clever minds will be proclaimed as the greatest? Find out this January 27, 2017 from 4 to 10 pm at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium, España Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila. See you there!

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