#Inktober2019: This 31-Day Art Challenge is BY-FAR the Hardest One Yet!

Written by Mia Abigan

credits to Inktober.com for the Featured Image

October is finally upon us and you know what that means — #Inktober2019

For those of you who aren’t in the art community, allow me to break down to you. 

Inktober is a yearly challengehappening every October, where artists showcase their interpretations of the given prompt, using only INK. It was created by Jake Parker, way back in 2009. In the official Inktober website, he shared that it was initially a simple challenge he made for himself in order to further hone his skills. But little did he know that this would soon break out in the art community. Now, artists from all over the globe participate in this yearly event. Some find it exciting while others often fear it!


Personally, I do admit to being part of those that fear it. I still don’t know why a simple art challenge sends shivers down my spine but my theory is that it lies in the simplicity of these prompts. It’s WAY too simple and there are just so many ways to interpret them that they could often overwhelm you. Add that the fact that you have to produce quality content over the span of 1 month, which means 31 drawings for 31 days! And if you’re like me then you’d probably find it extremely hard and tiring to keep that art streak going. 🙁

But of course, rules aren’t always meant to be followed and the same can be said with this one. The official prompt simply acts as a guideline and it is up to you to alter it as you deem fit. If they aren’t just quite up your alley then feel free to follow other prompts (Witchtober, Botanimals, etc.) or better yet, come up with your own! After all, the main point of this month-long challenge is to improve as an artist. In this case, the focus is on the inking process, which people can overlook at times. Inking is an essential skill regardless of your style as an artist because it can elevate your illustrations and give it a different feeling. By adding various line widths and inking techniques, it can even give your work a new life!

Check out some of the “altered” prompts fellow artists have made for October below:




credits to: @ochibrochi and @keymonster

Now that we’ve laid the foundation and explained the nature of the art challenge, allow me to show some of my favorites.  Hopefully, these can inspire you to finally take up the challenge if in case you haven’t! Remember, starting is always the hardest part so once you’re past that stage, things will get easier ♥

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Day 1 – RING 



Day 3 – BAIT 

Day 4 – FREEZE

Think you have what it takes to conquer to HARDEST Art Challenge ever? Use the official hashtag #Inktober2019 and tag us @WheninManila and we might just feature your work!