INKA ATLETIKA: From Gym To Swim Sports Bras, Athleisurewear At Its Finest

It was a few months back when I discovered the joys of “athleisurewear” – functional athletic wear worn not only during sports or exercise but also in casual, everyday life. Before championing my love for this new found comfort in clothing and advocacy for wearing gym clothes everywhere, I was one of those who cringed at the thought of wearing athletic garb outside of gym scenarios. In my head, though comfortable, gym clothes had a certain somber look about them and their place in the gym is not something that should not be trifled with.

Boy, was I ever wrong.


Brands like Inka Atletika prove that sports bras can be functional and fun at the same time. The cute, often colorful designs, are perfect not just for exercise but also for the beach! This is where the local brand’s mantra “#FromGymToSwim” comes from.


Aiming to clothe women empowerment across various aspects of life, Inka Atletika is a proudly-Filipino active wear brand that offers affordable, durable and intricately-designed apparel that serves the purpose of being a sports bra and a bikini at the same time.  Inka Atletika items emphasize the brand’s handle of #FromGymToSwim, offering their consumers the efficiency of a dual-purpose gear. It aims to fill the gap in the active wear market for apparel that’s reasonably priced, yet fully delivers on quality and functionality. 

So, I decided to have a go at Inka’s proposition and tried out the bras for myself.

From Gym…

Inka Atletika comes in fun prints and plain muted colors. I opted for the darker ones to wear to the gym.

inka atletika3

For the not so busty like me, the bras offered moderate support and I could easily do workouts in them. The material of the bras were the same as those usually used in swimwear which means that they do very well with moisture and are very easy to wash. The bras do not come with padding but you can easily add them on as there is a pocket for that purpose.

Inka Atletika bras in action (and with doggies!)

..To Swim…

This collection is not called “IntimaSea” for nothing.

Every girl knows the struggle of finding the perfect bikini. The type of bikini that will look good on you depends heavily on what body type you have. Personally, this is what I look out for when shopping for swim wear. I am not very busty and usually, sports bra types do not work for me – they are a no no in this department because by sheer design and their main purpose  of having “things in their place” when you exercise means they are usually very tight (not very flattering on my upper body, as you can imagine).

inka atletika2

Inka’s swim wear pleasantly surprised me. It hugged all the right places and was the perfect fit! It was cute enough for the beach and it obviously gave more support than your usual triangle bikini (yes guys, I need the support because malikot ako).
inka atletika4

I went island hopping, and spelunking in my Inka’s. My newest favorite travel accessory!

..And Everything In Between!

Since I champion the #GymClothesEverywhere movement, I also wore the sports bra out and around while travelling. Coupled with denim shorts, it was the perfect island outfit – I was ready to swim/tour/cliff dive at any given moment. It also proved convenient as they weren’t as revealing as walking around in just a bikini top.

inka atletika1

When In Manila, Inka Atletika offers cute functional pieces that are perfect for workouts or just everyday pacute. This is definitely my new favorite sports brand! They completely understand the modern woman’s need for aesthetic and functionality! The brand will also be launching another line soon so I’m really looking forward to that!

Inka Atletika

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