Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With These Healthier Alternative

I always loved sweets but since the pandemic, I tried to stop myself from eating (or drinking) too many sweets since I was afraid to get a cough or to gain weight cos of too much sugar. Luckily, I saw FRNK release their collaboration with BLK513 for their Oat Yogurt series.

The collaboration is much-awaited since both brands built a strong following because of their tasty drinks.

Frnk 1

You can experience BLK513’s premium Greek frozen yogurt perfectly combined with FRNK’s signature sauces. Two of the special drinks are the Baked Purple Oat Yogurt and Magma Oat Yogurt.

Our personal favorite is the Baked Purple Oat Yogurt which is based on FRNK’s Baked Purple Chizu. This is perfect for all the Ube lovers because they offer this all year round. They make their purple yam in-house to make sure you can get your ube fix whenever you want.

Frnk 2

These drinks are available in all BLK513 and FRNK branches, Grab Food, and through direct orders from their central kitchen.

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