Indulge in Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Comfort Foods with Eat’s Life Manila

With the COVID-19 virus affecting the world right now, staying healthy has become a big priority. It’s important to eat the right food to make sure that our body is getting the proper nutrients to keep healthy. However, eating healthy usually has the notion of being inconvenient, but that shouldn’t be the case.

With Eat’s Life Manila‘s selection of meals, you can easily enjoy healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods. According to CEO James Yulo Chi, “We’ve seen a sharp increase in demand for healthy food as we now moved into GCQ. Customers are not only looking for easy, hassle-free ways to eat quality, healthy food, but they also want it to be available right away.”

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eats life sinigang kare kare bibimbap

Indulge in healthy versions of your favorite Filipino comfort food like sinigang and kare-kare. I was able to try both dishes, and I can tell you that these are delicious. Their “Souper Crispy Sinigang” has the right amount of sourness to it, which is good because its taste will cater to all sinigang lovers.

On the other hand, their “Handle with Kare-Kare” has the savory peanut sauce that Pinoys look for in every kare-kare dish. As a fan of kare-kare, their version really stepped up the game for me.

eats life manila

Eat’s Life also aims to satisfy your wanderlust with their different international cuisines like their “Feeling Gyud-on”, “Oom Bap Bibimbap”, “Go! Go! Bulgogi”, which are healthy versions of some widely-loved Asian cuisines.

four cheese pizza eats life

Formaggio for Quattro

They also have “Formaggio for Quattro” which is a hand-tossed pizza crust with bleu cheese, mild cheddar, fresh mozzarella, and keso parmigiano. Out of all the food I tried out from Eat’s Life Manila, this one’s my favorite. There’s a perfect balance between the cheese and the dough, which is something I look for in pizzas.

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One thing I like about Eat’s Life Manila’s meals is that they come with nutritional information. Before I ate the food, I noticed that there were QR codes that you can scan, and they will provide the macros of the food you’ll be eating. This is great if you’re someone who’s into specific fitness goals, like losing weight or building muscle mass.

The meals from Eat’s Life Manila are available in high-protein, vegan, and vegetarian versions. Meals range from P250 to P450 and are available for delivery from Sunday to Thursday, 11AM-7PM via Foodpanda.

Eat’s Life Manila

What meal from Eat’s Life Manila are you excited to try? Share your thoughts with us!

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