INDIO Extended Play – it again


            Music is the language of youth today. It is a way of communicating, and ultimately, it has become an anti-depression, a way for broken people to express, a way to heal, and gigs have become a venue to escape from reality. In the uprising of indie music, Indio has been creating lyrics and melodies all from their heart to produce music that would best express the perspective of a youth about life and what could they be facing – identity crisis, clashing commitments, emptiness, and many other frustrations. With the help of Parayaoski Production, these songs were given opportunity to be showcased. Following Indio’s EP Launch held last June 11, 2016, Indio will play their EP (The Consequences of Dreaming) songs again on October 24, 2016, 7PM at the home of underground bands, Black King’s Bar, West Avenue, QC.

            Indio is an alternative-rock band formed in November 2015 whose songs tell about the consequences of dreaming. One is, Habagat Amihan, a folk rock song about fate, desires ultimately turning to a hurricane that leads to shattering. Two: Sino Ka, about not knowing yourself anymore. And three, Alexis, the believing and doubting of the self’s ability to succeed. They believe that songs are stories, real ones, and should convey something that can cause a revolution. The young band currently consists of lead vocalist Jen Darlene Torres, drummer Niño Miguel Abesamis, and guitarists Ryan Alexis Abesamis and Al Bryan Zabala.

            Indio Extended Play it Again will also feature some local bands such as A Silent Day Riot, Stories and Alibis, Heavy Gloom, Wasted Chemical, Punk Magalona and many more. You are all invited! Entrance fee is only Php100. For inquiries, contact Nej 09777673560.

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