“In Your Arms” World Tour: Kina Grannis Back in Manila

“And the sky cried down for days and days

Mr. Sun, please don’t go away.”

When In Manila, Kina Grannis’ Mr. Sun lyrics couldn’t be more appropriate for the weather. I was hoping that the sun would be up on that fateful Wednesday so the roads would be passable enough for me to go to Kina GrannisIn Your Arms world tour concert in Teatrino Promenade. But I can only hope too much, the rain and floods did not subside.



Kina Grannis’ In Your Arms concert did push through and gave those who were able to come the sweet, refreshing vibe that they have so longed to experience. I’m sure it was certainly the sun from that rainy day!







Another reason why I was so excited for this concert is the fact that Johnoy Danao will perform first for the crowd. With his cold and soothing voice, I’m confident that Johnoy Danao was able to lift up the crowd’s mood immediately. Isn’t that bliss? Johnoy Danao and Kina Grannis in one show! Two unique voices, two unique performances. 



When it was Kina Grannis‘ time to perform for her audience, she was definitely captivating. I can only imagine how one Kina Grannis and her guitar, awe the audience with her sweet, melancholy, hope-filled music.















As it was also Kina Grannis‘ birthday last August 4, would the fans ever let this opportunity pass? Of course not! Belated Happy Birthday Kina!


When In Manila, on August 8 2012 Kina Grannis not only did entertain the Filipinos with her music and talent, but she also lifted up the spirit and just as Mr Sun did, made birds and bees sing all happy things. 




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Photos by: Edric Uy and Jeff Secondes




“In Your Arms” World Tour: Kina Grannis Back in Manila 



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