In the Mix 2017: One Huge Party with DNCE, Two Door Cinema Club, 5SOS, and More

I’ve never been one to subscribe to only one particular genre of music and no matter how mainstream or obscure a song is, I’d still listen to it as long as it felt good to my ears. Some hardcore fans often pride themselves in knowing every song in every album of their favorite artists, but I’m the type to just listen to certain songs. I respect the dedication of the hardcore fans, but my openness to any and all kinds of music meant that I got to listen to more musicians.

To be perfectly honest, before going to In the Mix 2017 I only knew songs from DNCE, Zara Larsson, and Daya. So in preparation for the concert, I made a playlist of Dua Lipa, Two Door Cinema Club, and 5SOS’ songs.  I feel like super fans give newbies a hard time for trying to listen to their idols’ songs, but really, we should just let everybody be and the more listening to good music, the merrier!

Joe Jonas Shows Love to the Philippines at Band’s Performance at In The Mix 2017

In The Mix DNCE Joe Jonas

Right off the bat, you could see how the devoted following of 5SOS fans dominated the arena. Later, though, anybody could see that everybody just let themselves enjoy the good music regardless of whether they were super fans or not.  Daya kicked off the show and had everybody on their feet to start the night. She was definitely a great energizer with her danceable upbeat songs like the ever famous Don’t Let Me Down.

In The Mix 2017

Dua Lipa followed with a sexy performance in her velvet outfit (which I obviously loved). She’s definitely one of the artists I’d continue listening to after this experience. Her songs had fans singing along to the powerful lyrics which were very fun to shout out. Just listen to her song New Rules and you’ll see what I mean.

In The Mix 2017-14

I hear so many people say they started listening to DNCE because of Joe Jonas. I admit, I’m one of those people, but don’t get me wrong because I am now a big fan of the band itself.  DNCE’s performance was a definite highlight with the fun party vibes. Their kookiness was well received, and it was also obvious how DNCE enjoyed themselves. “This is a sexy crowd” said Joe. But trust me, his moustache was the sexiest part of the entire set.

DNCE performed their songs Cake by the Ocean, Toothbrush, and even did covers of No Scrubs, Hold On We’re Going Home, and Wannabe.

In The Mix 2017-19

In The Mix 2017-25

While DNCE was a hard act to follow, Two Door Cinema Club did not disappoint. I saw how their fans were really the ones to know every song they played, such as Changing of the Seasons and Sun. The band had their fans on their feet dancing and singing every word to their songs as we all also marveled at their great visual backgrounds.

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In The Mix 2017-28 (3)

Zara Larsson impressed everyone not just with her pipes but with her moves, too. Seeing as how most of her songs are on repeat at restos and clubs, she had the arena jumping and raving along to her beats. Despite previously posting how she looked like a ‘tomato’ on social media for being sunburned, Zara still gave everybody an awesome performance.

In The Mix 2017-31

In The Mix 2017-32

Now before you can even enter the arena, you’d see the dozens of fan groups roaming around just hoping to get a glimpse of their idols 5SOS. But more than their huge fan base, they justified their popularity with amazing performances of their best songs like Amnesia and She Looks So Perfect to cap off the concert. The boys had every girl, fan or not, swooning as they serenaded everyone into having one of the most memorable concerts of the year.

In The Mix 2017-42

In The Mix 2017-36

The best part of the concert was how music lovers from different genres had the chance to see their idols and get to listen to new music. It’s always inspiring to see how music brings people together to rise above differences in musical preference. Everybody just let loose and enjoyed the good music. In the Mix 2017 was a sure success and we already can’t wait for next year’s line-up!  Better start saving up for that one!

What were your favorite moments from In the Mix this year?  Tell us in the comments!