IN PHOTOS: Words Anonymous Commemorates Four Years of Storytelling

Words by: Danelle Go
Photos by: Jules Gapuz

While most concerts tend to rely on large scale productions, expensive props, and/or A-list headliners, there’s another way to do it. Sometimes, to invoke the right message and create a unique intimacy among an audience, all you need is a black, blank stage, a microphone, and the right words. This was the exact technique utilized by the members of Words Anonymous as they pulled off their concert by stripping away the unnecessary extravaganzas and instead focusing on two important things: the rawest of emotions and the beauty of words.

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Abby Orbeta gives opening remarks at FOUR: An Anniversary Show

Last April 29, Words Anonymous presented FOUR: An Anniversary Show to celebrate the past four years they’ve spent dedicated to the art of spoken word poetry. Hundreds of people from all over the metro, even from provinces, flocked to PETA (Philippine Educational Theatre Association) Theatre to watch the 13 performers give pieces of themselves through spoken word.

M Manese

Throughout the concert, each of the performers did their individual spoken word pieces, as well as some that were done in pairs. In the few minutes that each performer took the stage, a large collection and variety of themes were talked about; love, religion, pain, loss, family, social issues, personal advocacies—each having their own certain meaning to the performers. Despite the nervousness felt as they took the stage, they were all able to set that aside and use it to make their performances more heartfelt and genuine.

Jonel Revistual

Juan Miguel Severo

Serge Gabriel

To add to the captivating performances of Words Anonymous, local folk-pop group and the night’s special guest Ben&Ben serenaded the audience with just some of their beloved hits like Bibingka and Maybe the Night. Their stellar performance complemented the spoken word performed that night, celebrating the beauty of not just words, but music as well.


Over these past four years, Words Anonymous has grown from a small scale passion project, to a much larger institution that has gained a large following among young lovers of the arts. They’ve been able to put on regular shows, host open mic nights, and even bring in international spoken word artists like Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. Their passion for storytelling and love for spoken word has given them a unique niche, and thus provided them with a growing fan base.

Zuela Herrera

After the past four years of love, loss, pain, and growth experienced by the artists behind Words Anonymous, it now becomes a mystery what they will accomplish in the next four (or more). No doubt fans and friends are excited to see what is in store as they hold in their hearts their life changing stories, words of wisdom, moments of pain, and the microphones they use to share these.

Henri Igna

Words Anonymous

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