IN PHOTOS: What to Expect from an Awesome Pinoy Rock Festival like Rakrakan


Being present at last year’s Rakrakan Festival: OPM Against Drug, I can definitely say that they really went bigger and bolder this year. From 5 stages last year, Mosh, Slam, Indie, Groove and Move, they maximized the Aseana Concert Grounds by bringing in another stage this time, the Tropa Center Stage, adding up to a total of 6 stages this year.


Aside from the stages this year, the merch section was also bigger. There was a huge slide as well where you could feel like a kid again and, of course, there’s the much bigger art wall for all the Rakrakan artists to paint their masterpieces on. A skate park was also set up for skaters to show off their skills!

Are you thinking of going to Rakrakan Festival next year? Here’s what you can expect from the fun OPM festival:

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5. Overflowing drinks and a wide variety of food to choose from (plus, free chips too!)

Want to go to a festival where you won’t go hungry? This is the festival that you are looking for. Whether you want something heavy or just snacks in between band breaks, you will get your food and drinks everywhere! Just make sure to drink moderately because I’m sure you don’t want to regret missing your favorite band because you passed out. Also, here’s a tip: Be on the lookout for free food.

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4. Band merch at much lower prices

My wallet was NOT ready when I went to this year’s Rakrakan Festival. There is definitely so many merch to choose from. Aside from those band shirts you’ve been eyeing for forever, you can also get some accessories for yourself and your favorite instrument in the stalls. You just have to look closely because there are so many options!

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3. You will learn about street culture in a fun environment

Are you not a fan of graffiti or skateboarding? Well, there’s no harm in looking at the amazing art of graffiti. I promise, this is not the typical vandalism you see on the walls while you are on your way to work. Street artists have the freedom to express their art here without any judgments and, I must say, they’re all amazing!

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Also, it was so fun looking at these skateboarders, BMX, and Fixie riders doing their thing on the ramp.

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2. You will definitely meet new friends along the way

Whether you are an indie fan or hardcore metal head, you will be exposed to a very diverse crowd at the Rakrakan Festival. Just be open to people and welcome the experience arms wide open! You’d be surprised how even metal heads can have a soft spot, and that hippies can head bang to your favorite rock band, too!

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Also, don’t forget to join those mosh pits! This was the first time that I actually tried joining one with the supervision from my bodyguard *este* boyfie and heyyy, I actually enjoyed it! Be brave and bold so you can bring home some great memories and stories.

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1. At a Pinoy rock festival like Rakrakan, you can expect OPM at its finest

No matter what your choice of music is, there is no place for discrimination in this festival. This is what I love about Rakrakan Festival. It is something that unites Filipinos from all walks of life. There is no rich, poor, or middle class here. Only one love for OPM!

Rakrakan Festival 2018 Pinoy Muna 4

Who says OPM is dead? It is very much alive and I am happy that Red Horse, the main presenter of this event, actually makes an initiative to promote our country’s music and local bands. Are we gonna see you at next year’s Rakrakan Festival?

We’re excited for what is in store for us again!

Why don’t you tag the person you want to go with you at next year’s Rakrakan festival in the comments section, alright?

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