IN PHOTOS: UE Fire Aftermath

A fire broke out at the College of Arts and Sciences Building of the University of the East this morning.

UE catches on Fire

READ: UE Building Catches Fire

The photo was taken by Rochelle Kawasaki who lives nearby. On a quick chat with her on Facebook, she was devastated when she saw a huge black smoke coming out of the school. She was deeply affected and worried where to enroll her kids now, as apparently, her children go to UE.

“Di ko alam kung hanapan ko bago school mga anak ko nyan 🙁 Dyan sila lahat nag aaral. Sa kanto lang kase namen. As in malapit lang,” Rochelle said.

UE catches fire

Photo by: Maria Christine Apple Martinez

According to the news report, the fire started at 9:35 AM and reached the 8th highest alarm level as of 10 AM, today. Fortunately, the students and faculty members are safe after being evacuated when the fire broke out. Hence, no casualties reported.

UE catches fire

The dispatch server has reportedly managed the fire around 10:39 A.M.

UE Catches Fire

In a statement released and shared by UE on Facebook earlier, they mentioned that the cause is still under investigation and reassured everyone that no one was hurt.

UE catches fire

Screenshot from UE’s Facebook Page

The University of the East is one of the prominent universities in the Philippines. It is strategically located in the heart of the University Belt, commonly known as, U-Belt. It was founded in 1946 and was later acquired by the famous businessman, Lucio Tan in 1990.

UE catches fire

Source: Maria Christine Apple Martinez

Furthermore, UE was granted “Autonomous Status” by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) due to their excellent quality education. (Source: Wikipedia)

Coincidentally, the UE fire incident occurred a day after the Faculty Center building of UP Diliman caught fire.

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