IN PHOTOS: Students Celebrate All Colors of the Rainbow at the UP Pride March

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Words by John Peter Himor
Photos by Meghan Sevilla and John Peter Himor

Rain or shine, the LGBTQ community sure knows how to have some fun and celebrate Pride! This September, the UP Babaylan, along with several fellow organizations, organized the UP Pride March, an annual pride celebration of the gay community and allies in UP Diliman. There were rainbow flags, rainbow pins, and rainbow banners everywhere you looked around UP’s academic oval, and despite (or maybe, because) of the heavy downpour of rain during the march, it was quite a sight to behold.


Not even heavy rains could stop the celebration of Pride! 

An avenue for campaigns and advocacies


Different Pride slogans at the UP Pride March campaigning for equality. 

This year’s UP Pride March goes with the theme of “Tumitindig, Tumitindi”, manifesting the LGBT community’s campaign for equal rights being stronger than ever. The campaign also recognizes the strong role of the LGBT community in other sectors and in advocating for different campaigns. By celebrating Pride, the often-overlooked LGBT community is made more visible, and their plights and campaigns made louder.

But for many of the UP students, the sole fact of even having the UP Pride March is a statement on its own. As many of the placards say, “Pride is a protest.

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A safe space for creativity and expression


Pride March attendee

At UP Pride March, you are free to express yourself in any way you want with nobody judging—in fact, people will even commend you for it. Confident in your own skin to rock a unique, smashing Pride outfit? Don’t be surprised if someone asks to take a photo not just of you, but with you. Whether you’re a fierce scene-stealer or a demure babe, you’re always welcome to celebrate your Pride at the UP Pride March.

A hangout / celebratory session with your best buddies


Pride March attendees and their rainbow flags and flaglets.

What better way to enjoy Pride than with your best of friends! It is truly a different kind of bonding experience shouting the heartfelt chants and singing along to iconic gay anthems, all the while marching with the people you love and care for the most. Also, it feels great knowing that your friends and/or family support the cause of the LGBT community just as much as you do!

A solid night of fun and gay excellence

UP Pride 3

Drag performer Lady Gagita performs an iconic medley at the UP Pride Concert. 

A UP Pride March is not complete without some drag performers to end the night! The UP Pride Week and Pride March is often ended by a culminating Pride Concert where several performances showcase the talent of the LGBT community. Shocking drag dance-offs, Aretha Franklin medleys, spoken word pieces, and several other performances are sure to make you proud you support the crazy talented gay community.


Love is love.

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The UP Pride March is an exciting celebration of the LGBT community where everyone is sure to have some fun and feel confident in their own skin. Make sure to attend next year’s UP Pride March to get this one-of-a-kind experience!

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