IN PHOTOS: Netizen Captures Men Allegedly Threatening Drivers for Money

We already know how hard it is to drive in Manila. We get stuck in trafficbuses, Jeepneys, and other vehicles treat the roads like a race track; pedestrians crossing everywhere, just to name a few. Realistically, we are used to these scenarios day in day out!

But, what I can’t comprehend is the photos circulating online. These are the photos of three young men allegedly extorting money from the public and private vehicles.

men extorting money in quezon ave

Photo Source: Gidget Cuisia

As shared by the Netizen, the man in the photo was allegedly extorting money from the cab driver.

young men extorting in quezon ave

Furthermore, these youngsters are ready to smash your car if you don’t give them money. (Sick!)

men extorting money

Photo Source: Gidget Cuisia

As stated in the caption, this incident happened along Quezon Avenue corner West Avenue in Quezon City. Unfortunately, no cops were ready to apprehend them.

Here is the full caption:

Motorists beware!!! Right now, 3 young men extorting money from private and public vehicles along Quezon Avenue corner West Avenue. They have a long pamalo, ready to strike kapag hindi kayo nagbigay. We are looking for law enforcers in the area. Photos taken from our office window.

This is unacceptable.

We, motorists, have so much to endure now: terrible traffic and these ruthless people thinking money is easy to earn!

By law, we cannot do anything about this unless they threaten and hurt us physically and mentally. As a general rule, nobody is supposed to take the law into their own hands, so if you were to retaliate, make sure you are covered with strong evidence.

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Seriously, what’s going on? What do you think of these people? Share your thoughts below.