[IN PHOTOS] Meant To Beh: The Bastelicious Holiday Block Screening

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Last December 26, Team Bastelicious, a group of die-hard Baeby Baste fans, held a special benefit block screening at SM Light’s Cinema 1. The event was held in honor of Baeby Baste’s first movie and also as a special Christmas treat for the children of the Giving Hope Foundation. The lucky fans and guests who came to support the special block screening were treated to a surprise visit and speech from none other than the cute boy himself, Baste, who plays the naughty but totally adorable Riley Balatbat.

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Baste thanked all those who came out to support him and also invited the fans to watch Meant to Beh this holiday season. He also invited his mom, Mama Sheila, onstage and she also expressed her sincere thanks for the support and love everyone has shown for Baste. Among the other guests was Baste’s dad, Papa Sol, and also some friends from the event sponsors, namely Neubake by Gardenia and Magnolia Cheezee.

Meant to Beh stars the legendary Vic Sotto as Ron Balatbat and the beautiful Dawn Zulueta as Andrea Balatbat, along with their gaggle of quirky kids played by JC Santos, Gabbi Garcia and the lovable Baeby Baste as Christian, Alex and Riley Balatbat. The classic family comedy centers on the couple’s “non-” love story and the kids hatching plans to keep the family together. The movie also stars Daniel Matsunaga and Andrea Torres as charmers in the love story of Ron and Andrea.

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Meant to Beh has received great reviews from delighted moviegoers, and one of the highlights for this MMFF film is Baste’s portrayal of Riley, which garnered him the “Best Child Performer” award from MMFF’s Gabi ng Parangal. The kids who watched during the block screening were quite excited from the wonderful movie. There were laughs and quite a few tears shed during the entire show but most of all, everyone had a grand time.

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The kids from the Giving Hope Foundation also received a few belated Christmas gifts from Neubake by Gardenia and Magnolia Cheezee, as well as from other supporters of Baeby Baste. The organization aims to share these gifts during this feeding programs with the other children the Foundation supports. The event was definitely a fun and happy one this Christmas, and Baste would like to invite everyone to watch Meant to Beh, out in theaters now.

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For those interested in helping out the Giving Hope Foundation, you may learn more about them by visiting their Facebook page GivingHopePH or www.livinghopecircle.com/givinghope. You can also send them an email at givinghope@livinghopecircle.com