IN PHOTOS: Light, Life, and Wonder at the 2017 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Photos and Words by Jesus Arturo Dalumpines III

When it’s the first full moon of the lunar year, it gets a little brighter in Pingxi, Taiwan. Thousands of tourists gather up along the railroad tracks of Shifen, Pingxi to celebrate the annual Taiwan Lantern Festival!

The original purpose of the sky lanterns was to signal the neighboring communities that the remote town of Pingxi is safe from robbery and murders. It’s more of a kind of signal or beacon of safety.

Now that kind of activity is unnecessary, the sky lanterns have become a symbol of peace and prosperity as the colorful lanterns grace the Taiwan skies not only with the hues of the lantern but along with the joyful wishes and messages of different kinds of people!

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Lantern 1Locals and tourist follow the trail down to Pingxi.

LanternLanterns for sale.


Lantern Festival 22

Lantern Festival 21Up & Up.

Lantern Festival 15Good, good life.

Lantern Festival 17

Lantern Festival 14

Lantern Festival 16

Lantern Festival 13

Lantern Festival 2

Lantern Festival 14

Lantern Festival 12

Lantern Festival 9I have my own wishes as well!

Lantern Festival 8

Lantern Festival 5

Lantern Festival 7

Lantern Festival 23

Lantern Festival 4A swarm of lanterns fly above the Pingxi night.

Lantern Festival 6

Lantern Festival 3

What struck me the most is the fact that people are naturally well-wishers. They are not only optimistic for their personal plans but for their loved ones as well. That, itself, is a beauty amidst the daily dilemmas we usually face. Though as playful as fate is, sometimes you get what you want then sometimes you don’t. Personally, though, I think it’s better to work for the things that you want or achieve since the process will make you grow as a person–rather than just sitting still and hoping for the best.

But, for festivity’s sake, I’ll just make a wish, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway.


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