IN PHOTOS: IV of Spades and Phum Viphurit Wrap Up Karpos Live’s Last Mix of 2019

From the stunning visuals to the music that filled the Filinvest Tent, we enjoyed a night filled with groovy tunes and good company, and of course, music that united us all. Karpos Live presented the last mix of 2019 featuring our homegrown bands Flu and IV of Spades, and the Thai neo-soul artist Phum Viphurit.

Karpos Live mix 10 009

Karpos Live mix 10 006

Even though it was a Wednesday night, a lot of people lined up as early as they could in order to secure good spots to see their favorite band and artist. We knew that this would be a place where we could leave anything behind that was causing us pain, and just enjoy the moment.

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In case you missed this damn good show, I got you covered!

Here are the highlights of the night:

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As the lights dimmed, we could see three silhouettes as the visuals of the set started to glow and finally, IV of Spades graced the stage with their signature 80s inspired disco and alternative rock and sang some of their hits, including “Hey Barbara”, “Ilaw Sa Daan”, “Where Have You Been, My Disco?”, and the crowd favorite “Mundo” that made everyone sing their hearts out.

Karpos Live mix 10 0016

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Karpos Live mix 10 004

Karpos Live mix 10 012

They also sang tunes from their first studio album CLAPCLAPCLAP!, such as “Sweet Shadow” “Bata, Dahan-Dahan!” “Come Inside of My Heart” and ended the set to the uplifting tunes of “Take That Man”.

Karpos Live mix 10 010

Karpos Live mix 10 003

Karpos Live mix 10 007

The Thai singer-songwriter Phum Viphurit started off with the energetic and lively melody of “Paper Throne” that made us dance, followed by the hit tunes “Long Gone”, “Strangers in a Dream”, “Hello Anxiety”, and “Lover Boy”. His set brought us sunshine and summer-y feels.

Karpos Live mix 10 017

Karpos Live mix 10 002

It was Viphurit’s third time here in the Philippines. He had previously been here to headline the Rest Is Noise 2018 and Summer Noise 2019.

Karpos Live mix 10 011

He also shared a personal story during the encore and sang an unreleased song called “Poems”, a short and steady song that is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Karpos Live mix 10 014

Karpos Live mix 10 013

In the outro of one of his songs, he switched places with his drummer and played the drums himself! He wrapped up the show with his dynamic song “Adore” and connected with the audience one last time. He and his band were kind to give the setlist (folded like an airplane) to the crowd along with their guitar picks! Maybe in time, we’ll see him again. Until next time!

Karpos Live was made possible by Karpos Multimedia and co-presented by Globe.

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