IN PHOTOS: Here’s Your First Look at Singapore’s Bird Paradise

Singapore’s Bird Paradise opened its doors to its first visitors, who had a preview of the new bird park ahead of its soft opening on 8 May 2023. More ‘early birds’ are expected over the next two weeks and will include members from the Friends of Wildlife community, school educators, groups of beneficiaries, and migrant workers who helped to build the park.

Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Wildlife Group said: “This marks a key milestone for the Mandai Rejuvenation Project that we continue to steward. We are excited to begin a new chapter by opening Bird Paradise’s doors to guests from 8 May 2023. There are many ways to experience this 17-hectare park. We expect bird enthusiasts to thoroughly explore the massive outdoor aviaries, each one inspired by a different part of the world, before sitting down to a meal at one of our themed dining outlets. Families with children may like to set aside time to enjoy the dry and wet playgrounds, as well as the keeper-led interactions, animal feedings, and bird presentations at the Sky Amphitheatre. The options are varied, and in the coming months, we look forward to launching more experiences at Bird Paradise for everyone to enjoy.”

Image 1 Head Keeper Vijay Madhavan recalling birds at Heart of Africa. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

Vijay Madhavan, Head Keeper, Animal Care, conditions the birds in Heart of Africa to descend onto the feeding area at the sound of an electric whistle. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

In conjunction with the soft opening of Bird Paradise and to enhance the overall guest experience at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, Mandai Wildlife Group will launch a flagship mobile app, the Mandai App.

The app aims to provide a seamless end-to-end journey for visitors – from purchasing tickets to planning itineraries and navigating the parks. The Mandai app will contain information on what is available within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, including Night Safari, River Wonders, Singapore Zoo, Bird Paradise, Mandai Wildlife West, and the upcoming Rainforest Wild. The app will be further enhanced with a wayfinding function which currently features Bird Paradise and will be progressively rolled out to the other parks. Currently, this function is only available for Bird Paradise. Visitors can also put in their food orders via the mobile app at Food Central, one of the seven in-park F&B outlets available in Bird Paradise. (Please refer to Annex A for the full list of F&B offerings.)

From 24 April 2023, members of the public can book their admission tickets and any add-on programs such as the unique interactive keeper-led experiences, feeding sessions, the Bird Discovery Tour, and a ‘backstage pass’ that will take participants behind the scenes to discover how the park’s feathered residents are being cared for. There are plans to launch more backstage passes, including one that will give an insider’s look at the Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove and what it takes to care for the park’s VIPs – Very Important Penguins. Guests will also soon be able to step into the shoes of an avian keeper for a day and experience how avian care is managed at Bird Paradise.

Image 7 Illustration of Penguin Cove Restaurant. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

An illustration of the Penguin Cove Restaurant which offers diners the unique experience of enjoying a buffet while observing the penguins swimming in the habitat. Image is for illustrative purposes only. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Underwater and waterfall views that feed the senses

As a park that is best enjoyed on foot to soak up the themed landscapes teeming with nature and avian wildlife, guests are encouraged to embark on the walking routes to explore the various aviaries and facilities in the 17-hectare park.

F&B options ranging from themed dining to casual eateries are set to welcome patrons and fuel guests as they explore Bird Paradise. For those with an appetite for exclusive dining experiences, head to Crimson Restaurant and Penguin Cove Restaurant for gastronomic adventures amidst unparalleled views of avian wildlife and their habitats. With a bird’s eye view of the South American-inspired wetlands and scenic waterfall at Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands, guests will get to indulge in a menu curated by local celebrity chef Eric Teo which features splashes of red and pink mimicking the vibrant hues of the aviary.

At Penguin Cove Restaurant on Level 1 of Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, tuck into a buffet spread featuring sustainably sourced seafood while enjoying the penguins diving to a depth of seven meters in the two aquatic tanks. Above water, enjoy penguin-themed pastries at Penguin Cove Café on Level 2 while observing the activity at the beach level. Other casual dining options can also be found at Bird Bakery and Egg Splash Café, where bird-shaped treats and egg-inspired dishes are bound to satisfy even social media feeds. For familiar local favorites, head to Food Central at Central Plaza where there will be a variety of cuisines to choose from.

With effect from 8 May, dining at Bird Paradise serves up delicious, sustainably sourced meals with food made from ingredients that are farmed and harvested in ways that minimize the impact on wildlife and the planet. These include using sustainable palm oil and ocean-friendly seafood. Plant-based options are also available at dining outlets throughout the park.

Bird Paradise will soft open to the public on 8 May 2023, with ticket sales launching on 24 April 2023. During the soft opening period from 8 May to 26 May 2023, single-park admission is at a special rate of $38 for adults, $23 for children (aged 3 to 12 years old), and $20 for senior citizens. Visits from 27 May 2023 will be at the full price of $48 for adults, $33 for children (aged 3 to 12 years old), and $20 for senior citizens. For repeat visits, local residents can also join the Friends of Wildlife membership from 24 April 2023, which provides year-round access to all four wildlife parks including Bird Paradise. Annual fees start from $195 for Friends of Wildlife and $245 for Friends of Wildlife Plus. Alternatively, sign up for a complimentary WildPass digital membership and enjoy discounts of up to 20 percent for admission, F&B, and retail at Bird Paradise. All the proceeds from Bird Paradise and the other parks at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve are reinvested to meet operating costs and to fund Mandai Wildlife Group’s extensive education and animal breeding programs, as well as Mandai Nature’s conservation work in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia.

Image 2 Red tailed Black Cockatoos at Australian Outback. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

Get acquainted with the charming Red tailed Black Cockatoos at Australian Outback, set against the backdrop of an arid-forest habitat. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 3 Birds at Mysterious Papua. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

Cockatoos (left) and a Scatler’s Crowned Pigeon (right) flanked by the palm-like pandanus trees in Mysterious Papua. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 4 Hub between Heart of Africa and Kuok Group Wings of Asia. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

This hub between Heart of Africa and Kuok Group Wings of Asia features a human-sized weaver’s nest for a fun and interactive educational space for guests to learn about birds’ nesting behaviors. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 5 Avian Presentation Predators on Wings. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

From 8 May 2023, visitors will get to enjoy two refreshed avian presentations that shine the spotlight on the natural beauty and unique behaviors of a variety of bird species such as the White-bellied Sea Eagle. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 6 Illustration of Penguin Cove Cafe and Shop. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

One of two food options in Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove. An illustration of the penguin-themed Penguin Cove Café offers ‘grab & go’ food items, as well as a retail counter. Image is for illustrative purposes only. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 8 Crimson Restaurant. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

Enjoy the spectacular view of pink and red at Crimson Restaurant which serves up a menu of Asian and Western-inspired cuisine, specially curated by local celebrity chef Eric Teo. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 9 Food Central. Photo Credit Mandai Wildlife Group

Head over to the multi-cuisine food court at Food Central and satisfy your cravings with offerings from Western to Japanese cuisines. Image is for illustrative purposes only. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

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