IN PHOTOS: An Intimate Encounter with Juvenal Sanso’s Works of Art

Words and photos by Jules Gapuz (@iuvenili)

Very rarely do we have such intimate encounters with art, but in Museo Sanso, this small, closed off space, free of all distractions, you can’t help but pay attention to the various artworks of Juvenal Sanso, the globally awarded Filipino artist. The colors and details immediately jump out at you, begging to be analyzed.


Right when I entered the museum, my eyes were drawn to the artwork. My favorite pieces were the knitted sculptures that hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room. They were big enough that sometimes guests would bump into them, sort of like a weird interactive sculpture. There were at least five or six of these hanging around, all with different shapes and textures.

I was amazed at how much diversity Sanso’s artwork had. He did sculptures, paintings, detailed sketches. He had such eye for the little things. When you examine his artworks, I was almost jealous at how talented he was and of his eye for detail. But because I’m not familiar with art, I didn’t quite understand what they were about, but they were very pretty and still enjoyable.


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To top off, there was a short concert performed by Jade Riccio, Karla Dino, and the String Cantabile in honor of Juneval Sanso. They performed classical pieces that told the story of Sanso’s life. I was thoroughly delighted by it. The String Cantabile performed some amazing pieces, and as someone who played the violin for two years, it was breathtaking to see their hands move with such precision. Jade Riccio was also a force to behold. Her voice was strong and carried through the whole room.

Here are more photos from the night:













It was a fun evening, seeing people come out to simply celebrate an artist and his life. I have never been a part of anything like that, and it was a very uplifting experience. This actually makes me want to go to more museums and learn more about art now. I might even go to the Hue and Me art fair because of this.

Museo Sanso

#371 P. Guevarra St., cor. Montessori Lane, Addition Hills, San Juan
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