In Japan, You Can Hire “Friends” To Take Selfies With For Social Media

There just seems to be a job for everything nowadays.

friends for hire

Having the internet revolve around our lives is a reality for many millennials, placing a huge emphasis on social media. And for some in Japan, an enviable social media presence is so important that they can hire “friends” to pose with clients in selfies!

This “friends-for-hire” service is offered by company Family Romance, called “Real Appeal”. Clients can pay to avail of a team member to pose and take photos with customers, whether it’s for a party, a gathering, or any special event so clients can have some awesome photos to post on social media.

friends for hire 2

Depending on the rate, one can hire more staff members to pose as a squad. You can even hire a staff member to pose as your new boyfriend or girlfriend on social media to get back at your ex! The company allows you to pick team members based on age, gender, or even physical appearances.

Fun as it may sound, these services don’t come cheap, at 8,000 yen or roughly P3,500 for two hours.

This sounds pretty awesome… if you didn’t have any actual friends to take pictures with for free.

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