In Case You’re Still Wondering, This is YayaDub’s Real Voice

In Case You're Still Wondering, This is YayaDub's Real Voice


We’ve welcomed #AlDub into our homes, and we were witness to the love story between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, the Philippines’ hottest love team. The two are part of Eat Bulaga‘s kalyeserye, where the two act in a split screen. Just recently, they met and the episode garnered 12 million tweets.

Mendoza rose to fame because of her Dubsmash videos, where she impersonated Kris Aquino. But after that, she branched out to other personalities, movies, and TV shows.

But many still wonder: what is Yayadub’s real voice?

An old Dubsmash video of Mendoza is resurfacing online, one which reveals her true voice.

In the video, she talks about people calling her pretty, relationship problems, and the weirdest of all: the water diet featuring water salad, water soup, and water pancakes.

Watch the video below:

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