In Cabanatuan City: A wild boar has appeared

Anuna, 2020. Ostrich, pig, cow, peacock, horse (in Baguio), goats, and now a wild boar (baboy ramo). Facebook netizen Charles Dallo uploaded a video (owner is Al Lopez) of a wild boar roaming the streets of Cabanatuan. It hangs around in front of the car at first, trotting back and forth, before it goes off and roams into a side street, carefully evading and oncoming traffic from either cars or tricycles. It seems street-savvy and doesn’t look afraid, so we wonder if it’s used to roaming around like that. Or if it’s being called to Noah’s Ark, too.

We’re pretty much convinced that someone is playing Jumanji and they haven’t finished and we’re all now spectators to their unfinished game. Whoever you are, please finish. Please end this weirdness.

You can watch the video below:

It’s kind of charming, actually. We salute you, little wild boar. You’re adorable. Be safe out there!

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