Important Travel Hacks Even The Most Seasoned Jetsetter Should Know

Important Travel Hacks Even The Most Seasoned Jetsetter Should Know

Here’s something that even the most seasoned jetsetter knows—whether you’re off for a brief beachside jaunt or a long-haul flight across the Atlantic, travelling can easily go from an exciting event to a meltdown-inducing nightmare.

The best thing you can do, apart from crossing your fingers that the airline doesn’t lose your luggage, is to prepare.

Let’s break it down.

Important Travel Hacks Even The Most Seasoned Jetsetter Should Know

For all your travel documents—


Tickets, passports, itineraries—make sure that you have a copy saved on your laptop. Better yet, send copies to your email so that you have a way to access them, just in case they get lost.

Another tip: snap a quick pic of your visa and passport. Be sure to get the important details such as the picture, barcode or numbers.

When it comes to luggage and packing—


Short of baggage that can pack itself, the latest in luggage technology features durable, lightweight materials that ultimately make it easier to travel. That said, here are a few guidelines to remember:

  • Your choice of luggage is essential. Don’t make the mistake of choosing luggage that is heavy and bulky on the assumption that it’s more durable. Lightweight materials now come in hardtop options, such as American Tourister’s Cube Pop collection.

Important Travel Hacks Even The Most Seasoned Jetsetter Should Know

  • Black is always a classic and no-fail option when it comes to your luggage, but you might want to consider opting for bright hues as well so it’s easier to spot your bags. Again, if you’re looking for options, American Tourister’s collection features shades in eye-popping hues.

Important Travel Hacks Even The Most Seasoned Jetsetter Should Know

  • Here’s an easy space saving tip: roll your clothes–it also minimizes wrinkles—and then pop a dryer sheet before zipping up your bags to keep your clothes smelling fresh.
  • Keep your baggage content balanced. Roll up your softer clothes and use it to line the bottom of your luggage. Place thicker items of clothing over it, such as denim, trousers and jackets. You can place your belts around the edges of the luggage and add shoes on top (carefully wrapped so it doesn’t mess up your clothes.)


Stay connected


Apps are the way to go. You’d be surprised how an app can spell the difference between navigating through an exotic country like a local versus exploring a new destination while dealing with stress and frustration.

Download interactive maps (Waze is a good choice) and flight trackers to get started. Eventually, you’ll discover more useful additions to your travel app arsenal, such as the ever reliable Gas-Buddy, to find the cheapest gas on a road trip.

Dress appropriately for travel


You will be sitting down, usually for hours on end—do you really want to be wearing tight denim that pinches your waist? 

Dress comfortably, use easy-to-remove shoes to go through security faster, wear something that won’t require you to use a belt. Knowing that, don’t completely neglect the aesthetic value of your airport outfit. Statistically, people who are dressed more fashionably have a better chance at getting upgraded.

Escape the boredom


Flights—or any trip, for that matter—tend to go on for hours. Resist the urge to ask, “are we there yet” and pack earphones. It’s the easiest way to escape the cramped car or cabin.


Breathe. You’ll get there.


Cancelled flights? Rude seatmate? Lost luggage? Just breathe. You’ll get to your destination—and it’ll be worth it. At the very least, you’ll have a great anecdote to tell over the dinner table.

Remember—your greatest travel companion (apart from a great playlist) is great luggage. Durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of any adventure, stylish enough to make you stand out as an experienced jetsetter and practical in such a way that it offers space and ease in equal measure.

 Important Travel Hacks Even The Most Seasoned Jetsetter Should Know

Nope, these aren’t as hard to find as you might think. Check out American Tourister’s Cube Pop collection available in a multitude of colors, TSA approved features, easy to use and ergonomically designed straps and handles and spacious interiors with numerous travel-approved pockets.

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Important Travel Hacks Even The Most Seasoned Jetsetter Should Know

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