Imperial Ice Bar at the Fort Strip: Party in a -5 Degree Celsius bar

I have always dreamed of wearing those thick coats I so fondly see on T.V. I find it so glamorous, how women walk around on snow covered sidewalks of some cold country in boots and a great looking coat. It has always been a frustration for me: not being able to wear these things, When In Manila

All these frustrations disappeared, however, when I visited the Imperial Ice Bar at the Fort Strip— the first Ice Bar in the country with world class standards. 



And yes, I said Ice Bar, as in a bar made out of ice. What better place to chill, and party the night away, right? Plus, I heard that we get to wear coats! 

We visited Imperial on a Thursday and we immediately found ourselves in Imperial’s main lounge. The space was decorated with lush interiors and a magnificent bar. The place had a superb sound system with DJ’s hyping up the crowd.



We were served Russian Standard Vodka with cranberry juice. Great vodka always leads to a grand time.




Basically, the main lounge is where you relax and have fun, a precursor to the awesomeness that’s coming next: the ice bar. 



In a small room leading to the ice bar, you are offered Russian hats, coats and gloves to wear (And yes, I loved every minute of wearing them). It was pretty cold in that room, and yet we haven’t gone inside the bar yet!   

We finally stepped inside the ice bar and we were astonished– everything in the -5 degree Celsius room, from the bar to the furniture, was made out of ice. It was wonderful!



I have never been in a room that is this conducive to vodka drinking. The alcohol just warms you up perfectly. 

Imperial Russian Vodka infused shots are offered in the bar. Great with the freezing temperature. It’s the best shot you’re ever going to take.


 Read more about our experience in the ice bar on Sisasaid HERE.


The bar is definitely the experience of a lifetime! Groups of 20 can be accommodated in the ice bar and each stay lasts 20 minutes. That may seem like a short time, but  it can seem like an eternity because of the cold!



My friends and I looking fabulous in coats and Russian hats. Never mind the freezing cold, we have vodka to warm us up!


(Thanks to Chris Abeleda for most of the photos and help with the camera.) 


When In Manila, the Imperial Ice Bar is definitely worth a visit. Where else can you get Russian vodka shots this ice cold? Yep, the cold has never been this fun! 



Imperial Ice Bar on Facebook 

Fort Strip, 1633 Fort Bonifacio

“For table reservations, reception shall be open to take your calls from 3pm to 2am at 0917-5428831.

If you wish to book in advance kindly send an SMS and reception shall send confirmation by 3pm / For Event Inquiries Contact 09209006481″


Imperial Ice Bar at the Fort Strip: Party in a -5 Degree Celsius bar!


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