Immerse Yourself In Art And Culture: 7 Cheap, Unique Date Ideas

4. Get to know the walled city!

Take a stroll around Intramuros; take in the sights and appreciate history. – Read more here.

Salomon City Trail Intramuros run

Salomon City Trail Intramuros run

3. Visit the National Museum this month for free!


2. Do an art walk in a mall!

“..the concept of having art galleries inside a mall is very commendable because now people from all walks of life can view and appreciate various sample works of Filipino visual artists. It’s no longer exclusive to the cultured ones. And because the Philippines’ has a continuously growing mall culture, more and more art galleries are opening in various malls in the country..” Read more here.


1. Do an art walk… in the city! Take in the beautiful street art.

“The Philippine street art scene is young, vibrant, and poised to break down a lot of barriers in the art world. If you’re a Manileño and haven’t seen any jaw-droppingly beautiful walls on your way to work yet, trust me, you will soon.”Read more here.

10 Best Places to View Street Art in Manila

10 Best Places to View Street Art in Manila

Which activities do you plan on doing?


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