Immerse Yourself In Art And Culture: 7 Cheap, Unique Date Ideas

When In Manila and tired of the usual hotspots? Looking for a different adventure in the metro? Give these a try:

7. Go hipster bar hopping!

Look for these chill ‘underground’ watering holes for a different drinking experience! You could start with Bunk along Shaw Blvd or Walrus in Katipunan. These places also sometime host gigs, stand up comedy  shows, and even film showings (Bunk)!


Walrus: "I Am The Walrus!"


6. Visit the Escolta Market


“.. you will be surprised how an old and historical place can turn into a vibrant and artsy district of the modern times. Once known as one of the premier commercial districts in the early times of Manila, Escolta Street is as thriving as ever. By the looks of the recent staging of the so-called Escolta Saturday Market, it has definitely taken a step towards fusing modernism, culture, art and history.” Read more here.

Escolta Saturday Market

First United Building, Escolta, Manila. Photo Courtesy of Mansy Abesamis


5. Watch indie films for free at the CCP Arthouse Cinema



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