IMAGES: The Family That Geeks Together, Shines Together

I am not as geeky as my husband and kids, but I appreciate the movies, stories, and the characters. Out of all the nerdy stuff they do and want, I like Star Wars the most. In fact, my favorite book is this: Star Wars Last of the Jedi.


Honestly, though, I’m just borrowing this book from Wyatt. 😉

That’s why when I came across these Star Wars-inspired photos, I said: “it’s about time to embrace the force.”



Amber is a good friend of mine, and one of the Mommy Bloggers I follow. I love her because we have the same sentiments in Parenting: we must keep it real.


So, I asked her right away if I can feature and do a short interview about this amazingly hilarious photo shoot. By the way, Amber is no stranger to We’ve interviewed her before, and you may read the full article here.


According to Amber, the photo shoot was like a dream come true for her husband. She confirms they are a nerdy family and “have decided not to fight it but embrace it, full on.”


These photos are adorable. Amber also added that their Star Wars photo shoot was one of the nicest things they did as a family. As a mom, she believes that the photos will be a great memento. Her family thanks, Lianne, the photographer behind these wondrous images.

On a personal note, having a photographer partner, these shoots are normal to us.

But, what’s extraordinary are the bonding moments during the photo shoot, and we call them: precious moments! May the force be with you.

So, when was the last time you had a creative photo shoot like this? Share your most interesting pictures for a chance to get featured! Too shy to share? Send me a private message on In Manila Millie!


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