Il Padrino Caffe: Warming Your Heart One Coffee at a Time

Article by: Deina Ida Blancaflor (@disblancaflor) / Photos by: Patricia Chua (@ptricia.chua)

There are days when you find yourself wanting to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of urban life — preparing for the day with a cup of coffee in hand, eating the stress away with a hearty meal, and simply sitting back and relaxing, taking in the serenity of an ideal but rare hole-in-the-wall cafe your friends don’t know about yet. On those days, Il Padrino Caffe + Ristorante is the place to be, what with their complete package of great food and coffee, a homey ambience, and an equally warm staff.

Your Better Coffee: Experience quality Pinoy coffee with their hand-picked beans straight from the different regions of Cordillera.

Il Padrino is a family-owned business and passion project by the Pangwi family. Italian for ‘The Godfather‘, Ervine (the father) Pangwi’s favorite movie of all-time, the ristorante is a concept born out of memories from the family’s trip to Europe and the movie’s prime on family togetherness and the importance of relationships.

“We’ve always had this tradition that every after dinner, we [as a family] would sit together and talk about anything whilst drinking a cup of coffee,” Marikit Pangwi, Research and Development Manager and one of the Pangwi daughters, gladly shares.

Homey, intimate, and warm are the first things that come to mind when you experience Il Padrino for yourself, and indeed, that’s what their brand of family-orientedness anchors upon.

Pangwi family, the passionate hearts behind Il Padrino Caffe + Ristorante.

More than what the menu has to offer, they also have the best of service when it comes to their accommodation; the employees and even the customers are treated as family. Marikit explains how his father is very much hands-on, not just with the work but also with the people involved. Don’t be surprised if you find him tucked away in his little corner at the restaurant, laptop in front and drink in hand, but always ready to greet you with a beaming smile and a joke or two up his sleeve.

The Pangwi family and Il Padrino staff strike a pose for the camera.

Heartwarmingly, passion and service never end for this bunch. Next on their to-do list is to reach out to the farmers in the Cordillera region, who significantly lack in proper equipment and technology in order to more efficiently plant, grow, harvest, and provide sought-after beans to the many buyers from the urban cities. Ervine grew up in Sagada, so this project is something close to their hearts.

Seafood Marinara (Php219): pasta for two with a hefty amount of shrimps, fish fillets, and squids bathed in pomodoro sauce.

However, great coffee isn’t all that they offer in Il Padrino. Their menu ranges from breakfast meals to filling entrees. Although an Italian-inspired cafe, their menu is flexible in a way that you’ll find bits and pieces of the Filipino cuisine in there. Change is detrimental, especially in this industry, and Il Padrino isn’t afraid to adapt to these changes (e.g. their Baguio branch offers Matcha because of the overwhelming demand from their Korean customers).

Porterhouse Steak (Php329): rich and easy-to-cut meat lathered in rich marsala and wine sauce. Paired with rice and salad.

Share this classic Familia Pasta Bolognese Platter (Php359) with family or friends.

In fact, they encourage students to study here for hours should they please to. Each branch boasts of speedy Wi-Fi connections, numerous sockets, and an environment conducive for studying or working.

Matcha Wafer (Php170/Php180) and Toffee Coffee (Php165/Php175): frappes perfect for cooling down on a humid day.

Their Choco Moist Cake (Php169) is a sweet ending to a hearty meal.

At the end of the day, this caffe + ristorante’s ultimate aim is to extend that familial bond to their customers. This is achieved through good food, good drinks, and good conversations.

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Il Padrino Caffe + Ristorante

71 B Mt. Sinai Bldng,. Commonwealth Ave., East Fairview, Quezon City (view their other branches here)

0943 128 9593 / 461 7690



Instagram: @ilpadrinocoffeeph


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